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People will assume your sickness is your fault. No matter what kind of long-term illness you have, you will eventually run into this person. The one who remains convinced that, despite what doctors say, you are sick because you just haven’t tried enough. “But have you tried positive thinking?” they ask you. “What about switching to an all-raw lembas diet?

Digital Painting done in Photoshop: Self Portrait
This is about my illnesses and disability

It’s Time to Go Green!

I know it’s not Tuesday,but since this isn’t your typical “Transformation tuesday” post,I thought it’d be appropriate. This time a year ago I went through a lot of shit.I was only 21 and had more health problems than I could count on both hands and had no one who completely  understood what I was going through. I went to over 50+ doctors and not one could pinpoint what was wrong.I was poked,prodded,judged,billed,and ignored. I  finally reached a point where I realized the only person who was going to save me,was me. The only person who cared if my goals became realities was ME.I went from bedridden to working part time. Even though it was exhausting,I pushed myself because I knew it would make me stronger in the end. There were some days I fainted from being in so much pain,and others where I had to leave to go to the ER. I spent my lunch break sick as hell because anything I ate made me sick. But I never let any of it stop me. I  began a blog,and educated myself about my illness and I learned a lot. The more I learned,the more I realized I could begin to educate others about chronic pain and chronic illness. In less than a year I had more than 1,500 people following and fighting the journey with me& asking me about fibromyalgia. I began walking,and hiking,hula hooping,and doing yoga. I had to start exercising at such a slow crawl,but I kept going. Months later…I am now finally seeing my true potential and it’s one of the scariest and most amazing things at the same time. I know it probably doesn’t seem like a lot to some of you,but I am SO PROUD OF MYSELF💪 This isn’t about a weight loss journey,but it has and will always be a journey to live in my body. This is me today after taking one more step to being even more healthy and to hopefully start feeling even BETTER after being gluten and dairy free for 2 weeks.🙌 Although I’ll have this illness for the rest of my life,I will never…ever allow it to define me. I will find my passion and let it kill me.🌸#spoonie #fibromyalgia #fibro #chronicpain #chronicillness


this is going to be bitching

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Bruises…from ???

I’ve been gluten free for about a week and I haven’t had to take my acid reflux meds! Woooooooot.

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