You know your body better than anyone. Don’t let people who can’t feel your pain tell you it doesn’t exist.
When I’m in pain and someone asks if there’s anything they can do to help…


I’m like…

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Today in class we were told to stand up and announce one thing that someone wouldn’t suspect about us. I stood up in front of around 40 people and said “One thing you probably wouldn’t know about me is that I have an invisible illness called Fibromyalgia.”

Awareness is key you guys,tell your stories proudly.


"Yeah but am I hurting enough to take a painkiller?”

- everyone with chronic pain ever

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You really can’t win when it comes to having a chronic illness.
If you complain, you’re over dramatic/attention seeking
If you don’t, people assume your pain doesn’t exist/isn’t as severe as it actually is.

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can someone with a chronic illness who has had a series of really fucking shitty doctors appointments please like or reblog or reply to this so i don’t feel like i’m dying alone please?

Here for ya girlie

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Sleep doesn’t relieve my exhaustion anymore.




Is this an eds/hypermobility thing? My hand is hurting so bad right now. The only thing I can think of is that my hand is collapsing like this when I write.  Idk it doesn’t seem normal to be able to almost fold your hand in half like this.

I can do that, too. My husband can’t, so while I’ve never thought about it, it definitely seems like it’d be an EDS thing.
My hands are killing me tonight, too, so you’ve got my sympathies. :(

I actually was asking my doctor about that exact same thing yesterday. It is definitely an EDS/hypermobility thing!
Sorry your hand hurts so bad, hope the pain eases soon.

I just tried this, and my hand def folds in half. Roomate’s hand does not, and when questioned why, he replied “BECAUSE BONES”

My hand folds too😁
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