Interested in a spoonie project?


Ok so in the past I made collaboration videos on my youtube channel->

You can see the one I did for Lady Gaga (Im a huge fan of hers haha) but basically what I aim to do in this video is to…

I’m in!

beautifullybrokenl0ve: I love this blog! I've been looking for ever for a fibro blog. I relate to so much of this!

so glad it helps you sweets xox

48c: excuse me where did you get your acupressure mat?


bitterdays-bitternights: I love your pill perspective piece. It just explains everything so well. The majority of my symptoms are borderline related and there is no one medication to really treat it. Some "help" the side effects but to be honest i have had no luck. Thanks for showing support for everyone and everything. -Amy

Thank you so much! <3

Long overdue update:

Hello my lovely spoonies,

I hope you all have been doing okay. I apologize for my lack of posting in the past couple months, but life has been quite crazy. However, I’m trying to set aside more time to blog. Hectic doesn’t begin to describe how busy I’ve been lately. I’m currently back to being a more than full time student with 17 units this semester.I am also working as a Special FX Make Up Artist about 30 hours a week and working as a scare actor at a haunt in Oakland. I’m in the process of trying to transfer to Cal Berkeley or UC Santa Cruz as a Political Science major with a minor/emphasis in women’s studies.

As for my physical state, I am past the point of exhaustion and am covered in bruises from head to toe. (Really,there’s a bruise on my toe from dropping a textbook on it.) I’m continuing to push myself everyday to try and be the best I can despite my illness. However, with the cold weather approaching quickly I already sense this winter will be rough as always. For the most part my fibro is somewhat manageable in the warm months, but the second rain hits the real pain begins.

I’ve been continuing my gluten free diet which has made a huge difference in my inflammation and digestive problems. As per medication, I’ve been managing my pain with various herbs including arnica, kratom, and CBD and THCA tincture produced from cannabis. (If you are against the use of medical marijuana, educate yourself.) These two tinctures help my pain significantly, although they are pricey so i use them sparingly. 

When it comes to messages, I PROMISE I will get back to you all as soon as I can. Please specify when sending me a message if you’d like me to reply public or privately. I like to reply publicly most of the time because most of the time i get multiple messages with very similar questions.

Alrighty, I think that’s it. I miss you guys a lot, so pleaaaase send me a message and let me know how you are all doing! Stay strong, you’re not alone xoxo

You know your body better than anyone. Don’t let people who can’t feel your pain tell you it doesn’t exist.
When I’m in pain and someone asks if there’s anything they can do to help…


I’m like…

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Today in class we were told to stand up and announce one thing that someone wouldn’t suspect about us. I stood up in front of around 40 people and said “One thing you probably wouldn’t know about me is that I have an invisible illness called Fibromyalgia.”

Awareness is key you guys,tell your stories proudly.


"Yeah but am I hurting enough to take a painkiller?”

- everyone with chronic pain ever

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